What Money Can't Buy
The Moral Limits of Markets
based on the book of the same name by Michael J. Sandel
and his last -- "Justice: What's The Right Thing To Do?"
A Film by Jeffrey Abelson
Teaser Video

This is a 13-minute teaser as an introduction to Michael J. Sandel, and the themes of his books -- which serve as inspiration for this film. 

It'll give you a good idea of the subject matter we'll address in our film, as well as info about the crazy success Sandel had with his "Justice" book -- reflecting his immense popularity and global reach -- and a public hungry for a new way to grapple with the big moral and political questions we face every day.

It also includes brief hints of the kind of dramatized vignettes we'll create to illustrate Sandel's themes.  We'll be leaning heavily on such elements, and other visual and dramatic devices so the film is as entertaining as it is eye-opening.  This will not be a typical talking head film.

Please check out the Project Description for full details about the film.