I Believe I'm Sinkin' Down
Robert Johnson from the Inside Out
Promo Videos
This film will feature a unique visual style that blurs the line between the real and the virtual.
That style, however, is not reflected in these promo videos, which are comprised of
footage drawn from various docs and TV specials over the last 20 years,
and which are presented here for informational purposes only.

The first piece is to help convey the depth of Robert Johnson's musical legacy,
how much he's revered by rock stars and music fans worldwide,
and yet how little we really know about his inner life,
underscoring why he holds such a statured position in our musical and cultural history,
and why he's so overdue for a truly revealing film portrait.

The second video is to provide a bit of background on the blues in general.

Source Material credits available on request.
Who Was Robert Johnson? (7 min.)
A Little Background on the Blues (8 min.)
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