I Believe I'm Sinkin' Down
Robert Johnson from the Inside Out
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He inspired and amazed everyone who heard him play live,
as well as the millions who've heard his records over the last 70 years.
But Robert Johnson's life is shrouded in legend,
and the myth takes on more intrigue with each passing year.

He recorded only 29 songs, but they laid the foundation for rock & roll. 

Playing in a Mississippi juke joint one night in 1938,
he was poisoned with strychnine-laced whiskey by the jealous husband
of a woman Robert was getting too familiar with.
Dead at 27, his story has been told before,
But never from the inside out.

This film will do just that in a wholly unique way.
Detailed Treatment Available on Request
A Dramatic, Music-Driven Hybrid Film

Part Doc -- Part Narrative Feature -- Part Rock Opera
by Jeffrey Abelson