Jeffrey Abelson
I've always loved hybrid art forms.  Especially the marriage of music and film.
I started my career producing, directing, and editing high profile music-videos, specializing in those tied into major feature films.  Starting with Billy Idol's "Dancin' With Myself," I went on to pioneer and popularize the hybrid movie/music-video format -- from "Ghostbusters" to "Terminator-2" -- resulting in eight #1 MTV videos -- and establishing this dual-use art form as a staple of movie marketing campaigns.

During this time I also triggered the trend of major feature film directors crossing over into music-video -- and produced videos for Taylor Hackford, Brian DePalma, Ivan Reitman, Garry Marshall, Tobe Hooper, and others.

More recently, I've been developing music-driven movie and TV projects with artists ranging from Dylan to Diddy (at HBO, Showtime, Disney, and elsewhere) -- while also editing (and writing/producing) documentaries, like "Drawing Fire," a PBS film about Pulitzer Prize-winning political cartoonist Paul Conrad, narrated by Tom Brokaw -- "Klunkerz," about the iconoclastic hippie/athletes who invented the mountain bike back in the 1970's and built it into a billion dollar industry and an Olympic sport -- and "Following The Ninth," about the global impact of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, featuring prominent artists and activists from around the world.

I also own and operate a Final Cut Pro HD studio, where we turn out a wide range of documentaries, short films, web videos, corporate videos, etc.

My other big passion is to use creative media to spark a national conversation about the urgent need to upgrade the concept of active citizenship in America.  I do this through my non-profit, non-partisan Song Of A Citizen project, a collaboration of prominent thinkers and artists producing innovative films and web videos about what it really means to be a fully engaged and effective citizen in modern times, and why it matters.  I also regularly write about this subject as a contributing blogger to The Huffington Post.Conrad.html
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